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” We are the best tattoo shop with great pricing that gives you an exceptional Tattoo Experience you can have. We also believe in making every Tattoo Personalized and Unique. You also get free Consultations so that our Artists can Create something that you will be happy to have for the rest of your life.  “

About Us

I am Bobby Singh and a professionals tattoo maker with over 5 years of experience and certifications that commend my work.

If you are looking for the best professional tattoos then you can walk in here. Graduating from the best tattoo schools, and working with top tattoo professionals we have mastered the skills of delivering the unique tattoos  services in town.

Over the years i have served hundreds of happy clients who trust us. Our first priority is customer satification. i have made all kind of tottoos like portrait,colourful,armband and religious tattoos, So we are always here to help you.

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Tattoo Training

We provide the best tattoo training in Mathura. Which will make you the unique and best tattoo maker.

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Fee 55000/

  • History of Tattooing; Present day Future possibilities
  • Intro to different tattoo art styles and master of the trade
  • Color mixing and packing
  • Advance shading and lining techniques
  • Basics sketching classes
  • Customer handling
  • Tattoo machine basic knowledge 
  • Machine construction and adjustment 
  • Aftercare instruction 
  • Photoshop basics for image editing
  • Basic drawing 
  • Needle configuration and best practices
  • Sterilization aseptic technique